Christ Church Thornton relies entirely on donations from church members, visitors, grants and fees.

Jesus taught about giving generously. There is an incident in the gospel where He noticed people giving money in the Temple. Some gave loads of money because they were rich and could afford to. But one poor widow put in all that she had left. She gave sacrificially whereas the rich people didn’t – they still had plenty to take home. The point is, giving comes from our heart. God is more concerned with why we give than how much we give.

To give by text message on your smartphone, send a text to 07380 307 800 containing our keyword “CCTFY5”, followed by the word “give”, followed by the amount they wish to give.  For example “CCTFY5 give £10” to give £10.

If you wish to give a donation monthly or weekly, add “m” or “w” at the end. For example “CCTFY5 give £7.50 m” to give £7.50 monthly or “CCTFY5 give £2.50 w” to give £2.50 weekly.

You will receive an SMS auto-response on your smartphone containing a clickable link to the Christ Church Donate page which will look something like the following:

Screenshot_20240430_175935 edit

Click the link to open the Donate page with the donation details pre-populated into the form.

Screenshot_20240430_181329_Samsung Internet

You can then review the details of their donation and select whether to Gift Aid your donation and enter your email address. Click proceed.

If you’ve not previously given through Donate on your device, you’ll be prompted to enter a security code sent to your specified email address. You’ll enter some basic contact details (i.e. if they are a new giver, or if an existing giver with missing details)

Screenshot_20240430_181604 edit

Then choose your payment method – card, ApplePay, Google Pay, or bank details.

Screenshot_20240430_181705_Samsung Internet

Finally, a success page confirms everything has been completed – it’s a simple and secure process. You will then receive a donation confirmation email.

Screenshot_20240430_181912_Samsung Internet