There are four areas of leadership within Christ Church Thornton:

  • Church Leader – Leading the worship, ministry, mission and pastoral care of the Church
  • Church Management Team – Managing the day to day functioning of staff, activities and buildings
  • Church Leadership Team (‘Standing Committee’) – Delivering the strategic and financial decisions to achieve the overall vision
  • Parochial Church Council (Trustees) Team – Providing vision, financial oversight and meeting legal and financial obligations

Church Leader

Church Management Team

The Church Management Team see to the day-to-day care of the buildings, fabric, administration and functions of Christ Church.

  • Martin Ormond (Parish Manager)
  • Judith Murphy (Churchwarden)
  • John Hearnshaw (Churchwarden)
  • Damian Platt (Vicar)
  • Andrew Downes (Curate)

Church Leadership Team

The Church Leadership Team deliver the strategic and financial decisions to achieve the overall vision.

  • Damian Platt (Vicar)
  • Andrew Downes (Curate)
  • Judith Murphy (Churchwarden)
  • John Hearnshaw (Churchwarden)
  • Sally Johnson (PCC Secretary)
  • Angie Walsh (Treasurer)
  • Malcolm Beard

Parochial Church Council

The Church Leader, Church Management Team and Church Leadership Team, consult together with the Parochial Church Council on matters of general concern and importance to the parish. The first function of the Parochial Church Council (often known as the ‘PCC’) is co-operation with the minister in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. The PCC at Christ Church focus on the ‘big picture’ of the life and direction of the Church, prayerfully seeking God’s strategic direction in all matters. A summary of the duties, functions and responsibilities of PCCs can be accessed here.

PCCs are governed by two legislative Measures:

Here is a list of the current members of the Parochial Church Council:


  • Reverend Damian Platt* (Vicar / Chairman)
  • Judith Murphy* (Churchwarden / Vice-Chair)
  • John Hearnshaw* (Churchwarden)
  • Reverend Andrew Downes* (Assistant Curate)

Deanery Synod (3 places due to Electoral Roll being between 101 and 200)

  • Sally Johnson* (term ending APCM 2026)
  • Ann Hearnshaw (term ending APCM 2026)
  • Roger Lloyd Jones (term ending APCM 2026)

Elected Parochial Representatives of the Laity (12 places due to Electoral Roll being between 100 and 199)

  • Robert Wareing (term ending APCM 2024)
  • Vacancy (term ending APCM 2024)
  • Jan Nichol (term ending APCM 2024)
  • Angie Walsh* (term ending APCM 2024)
  • Malcolm Beard* (term ending APCM 2025)
  • Philip Butterworth (term ending APCM 2025)
  • Maria Winter (term ending APCM 2025)
  • David Taylor (term ending APCM 2025)
  • Paul Casson (term ending APCM 2026)
  • Sandra Barrow (term ending APCM 2026)
  • Dorothy Fiefield (term ending APCM 2026)
  • Vacancy (term ending APCM 2026)

Co-opted (up to 2)

  • Vacant
  • Vacant 

*Denotes members of the Standing Committee

You are welcome to contact any of the above members of the Parochial Church Council.

In addition, there are many Church Officers carrying out important ecclesiastical, legal and financial duties.

  • Churchwarden – Judith Murphy
  • Churchwarden – John Hearnshaw
  • PCC Officer (Secretary) – Sally Johnson
  • Finance Officer (Treasurer) – Angie Walsh
  • Electoral Roll Officer – Sally Johnson
  • Gift Aid Officer – Dot Fiefield
  • Vision Champion Officer – Emily Hilton
  • Health and Safety Officer – Robert Wareing
  • Parish Safeguarding Officer – David Taylor
  • Data Protection Officer – Sally Johnson

Serving the church family and parish through worship services, pastoral care, activities, administration, hospitality, finance and maintenance are five teams of people:

Church Operations Team

The Parish of Christ Church is greatly assisted by a dedicated team of paid and voluntary roles. Each day, volunteers give so much of their time and talents to the ministry and mission of the Church. Specific and specialist roles are fulfilled by our committed staff team:

Church Ministry Team

We have a Church Ministry Team of ordained and lay ministers and assistants worshipping and serving within the Christ Church community:

  • Reverend Damian Platt (Vicar)
  • Reverend Andrew Downes (Assistant Curate)
  • Reverend Peter Nunn (Retired Minister with Permission to Officiate)
  • Reverend Paul Clemence (Retired Minister with Permission to Officiate)

Church Pastoral Team

  • Margaret Ralph
  • Elizabeth Young
  • Angela Roberts
  • Chris Hartley
  • Andrew Downes
  • Damian Platt

Church Finance Team

  • Angie Walsh (Chair)
  • Martin Ormond
  • Denise Taylor

Church Maintenance Team

  • John Hearnshaw
  • Martin Ormond
  • Ron Coleman
  • Roy Brown
  • Ron Jacks