We have multiple expressions of worship at Christ Church Thornton - fifteen in total. Each of these expressions ('services') forms a congregation which meet either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every few months.

God calls us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This means all we do is worship. Christians have always come together at specific times on a Sunday and/or during the week to gather corporately, to unite in worshipping God. Here at Christ Church Thornton we have lots of opportunities to worship:

All are welcome to our services of worship. If you’re planning to visit Church to attend a service but feel unsure about what to do on arrival or where to go, please contact us, and we’ll talk you through it or arrange to meet you on arrival the service you’d like to attend.

Sundays Services

8.30am Sunday

The 8.30am is a traditional Book of Common Prayer service of Holy Communion. Unlike most services, there aren’t any hymns. The service lasts around 45 minutes (sometimes slightly less). The 8.30 service is a small congregation, of around a dozen people meeting together weekly. They meet in the Lady Chapel, which can seat around 20 people comfortably. After the service, refreshments are served in the Hall.

10.30am Sunday

The 10.30am Sung Parish Eucharist is a mixture of contemporary and traditional. It is contemporary in the language which is used in the service (called Common Worship) but traditional in the sense of the organ and choir led singing, the robes and the slightly more formal feel to the service. It is our largest congregation, averaging around 85 adults and 8 children. The services lasts for around an hour and a half (maximum). After the service, refreshments are served in the Hall.

12.30pm Sunday

*launching in 2019*

Starting during 2019, will be the 12.30pm Cafe Church. This will be a place to receive food for the body and for the soul. Lasting around 45 minutes, there will soup, sandwiches, cake and biscuits, hot and cold drinks, a song of worship, a ‘thought for the day’ and a prayer. If you’re unsure about coming to a traditional church service, or looking for something a little different, this might be right up your street.

2.30pm Sunday

The 2.30pm Baptism Service takes place most but not all weeks, depending on baptism bookings. This is primarily the service where children are baptised. The service lasts around 40 minutes and takes place in the rear area of the Church worship space, near to the font. More information and how to book can be found on our baptism page.

4.30pm Sunday

The 4.30pm is a relatively new service, which was launched in March 2017. It is known as ‘Treehouse.’ Christ Church in its earlier days with a smaller building and rural surroundings was known as ‘the little church in the trees.’ The name of Treehouse reflects the history whilst appealing to today’s generation. Treehouse is totally family friendly, informal, relaxed and purposefully noisy. It is designed to be completely comfortable for anyone to attend – especially families with babies, toddlers, children, who need the freedom to be a little noisy and on the move.

6.30pm Sunday

The 6.30pm is our quietest service, with a small congregation, who appreciate and value The Book of Common Prayer service of Evening Prayer – which is often known as ‘Evensong.’ The service lasts for around an hour, and includes four hymns, two sung canticles, sung psalm, and a sermon. After the service, refreshments are served in the Lounge.

8.30pm Sunday

*launching in 2019*

Launching later in the year, the 8.30pm service will primarily be for young people, towards the upper end of High School, aged approximately 14 years and above. ‘Lighthouse’ as it will be known, will be a place for young people from churches across the area to worship, share and grow together in their understanding of who God is. Using modern worship songs, multimedia, bags and bags of popcorn and pizza and a couple of crazy games, Lighthouse will definitely be the place to be on a Sunday evening.

Midweek Services

8.45am Morning Prayer (Monday-Friday)

Morning Prayer takes place Monday to Friday, from 8.45am to 9.00am, in the Lady Chapel. It uses the Church of England’s pattern of Morning Prayer (sometimes referred to as the Daily Office). During the brief fifteen minutes, there is a Bible reading, Psalm, and other verses from the Bible which are used responsively, as well a time for either quiet or corporate prayer, as well as the Lord’s Prayer. It is a great way to start the day.

11.30am Holy Communion (Monday-Thursday)

The 11.30am service of Holy Communion takes place takes place Monday to Thursday in the Lady Chapel, with sometimes just a few people attending. It a traditional Book of Common Prayer service of Holy Communion. There is a short sermon. There aren’t any hymns. The service lasts 25 minutes and finishes just time for the Meadows Luncheon Club which is served in the Hall at 12.00pm to 1.00pm.

4.45pm Evening Prayer (Monday-Thursday)

Evening Prayer takes place Monday to Thursday, from 4.45pm to 5.00pm, in the Lady Chapel.

9.45pm Night Prayer (Monday-Thursday)

Night Prayer (Compline) takes place Monday to Thursday, from 9.45pm to 9.55pm, in the Lady Chapel.

7.00pm Tuesday

The 7.00pm service of Holy Communion takes place in the Lady Chapel, with around a dozen people attending. The service lasts around 45 minutes and the modern service includes a worship song two readings from the bible and a short talk. After the service, refreshments are served in the Lounge.

Monthly Services

10.30am Sunday 'Open Doors'

*changing its name to 'Storehouse' in 2019*

Open Doors is an all-age worship service, which takes place on the 2nd Sunday of every month, usually in the Hall. It replaces the usual 10.30am Sung Parish Eucharist, just for the one Sunday a month. It is informal, very much aimed at children. The Rainbows and Brownies parade with their flags, the music group lead the sung worship, with modern songs such as ‘Great Big God’ and ‘Super Saviour.’ The service last around 45 minutes (no longer than an hour). Sometimes the puppet team treat us to a song or sketch. After the service, refreshments are served in the Hall.

2.00pm Wednesday (MU Meeting)

The Mothers’ Union have a short time of worship (around 20 minutes) on the first Wednesday of the month, between September and May. Taking place in the Church (or sometimes in the Hall during the winter months), the service includes three hymns, a Bible reading and a time of prayer. After the service, the MU meet in the Hall for refreshments and often they have a guest speaker.

2.00pm Wednesday (MU Communion)

The Mothers’ Union also have a monthly service of Holy Communion, known as Mothers’ Union Corporate Communion. It takes place on the third Wednesday of the month, at 2.00pm in the main Church worship space. The services lasts around 45 minutes and includes hymns, prayer Bible readings, a short talk and Holy Communion. All are welcome to the service (even if not a member of the Mothers’ Union). After the service, refreshments are served in the Hall.

2.30pm Wednesday

On the last Wednesday of the month, a traditional Book of Common Prayer Communion Service takes place in Church. This is attended by around 20 people, some of whom see this as their main worship service due to being unable to come on a Sunday. The service lasts around 40 minutes and is followed by refreshments in the Hall. There is always lovely cake (sometimes home-made!) and tea and coffee.

3.00pm Saturday 'Messy Church'

Meeting either monthly or every 6-8 weeks, Messy Church takes place on a Saturday afternoon from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. We usually start with an energetic game – for all ages! We then have some lively songs with actions, followed by a short talk to explain the biblical theme of the afternoon. Then the craft and activity tables are open to get messy and have great fun learning more about the theme of the day.

We come together at around 4.30pm to show what everyone has made. After that we tuck into a fantastic buffet of sandwiches and cake. Keep an eye on the Messy Church page or the special events page for details of when the next one is.

Extended Services

Not everyone can physically get to the church building to worship. Sometimes members of our Pastoral Team will visit people in their own homes or places of care, to offer prayer, a Bible reading or Holy Communion. Please contact us if you are unable to attend Church and would like a visit from the Pastoral Team.

We go into two local places of care to lead services of worship:

Thornton House. There is a monthly service on a Sunday afternoon which is attended by residents and their visitors. There is also a regular service of Holy Communion.

Alexandra Court. There is a monthly service of Holy Communion on the first Wednesday of the month at 10.30am, taking place in the main Lounge.