Follow-up to Weekly News Friday 1 December 2023

What a day it’s been today – 51 people on a trip to Liverpool, followed by Family Teatime Cookery Class tonight with Katie and John from ‘Noah’s Pizza’s,’ treating the families to freshly made Neapolitan pizzas!

It was great also to have Move & Chat back on in the Hall, as well as the usual Friday activities of Pilgrim’s Rest, Craft & Chat, Meadows Books and of course lots of deliveries made from the Food Pantry to those in need.

The Fridaymen were busy helping get set up for the upcoming events. The Crib is now in the porch (empty of course), awaiting the the characters of the Nativity to be gradually placed into it over the coming weeks.

Praise God for a great day!

The main reason for this ‘bonus’ weekly news email is to say:

Catechism Classes

Will not be taking place this Sunday, 3rd December. This is because we want to give time for people to meet the guests in the Hall after the morning services. We also expect the 9:00 AM service might finish a little later than usual because of the ‘Global Mission Partners’ presentations. The classes will return for one final session on Sunday 10th December before taking a break over Christmas and the New Year and resuming on Sunday 14th January 2024.

Family Teatime Cookery Classes

Tonight was the final family teatime cookery class of the year. They will resume on Friday 19th January 2024. A huge thank you to the tremendous team of volunteers who make it possible.


With blessings,

Damian & Andrew

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