Bishop Julian is retiring

Our Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Julian, has this week sent an open letter announcing he is to retire in July of this year. You can read the letter HERE. He has been the Bishop of Blackburn for nearly nine years. In his letter he writes: “I can’t quite express how I feel about this, as I would love to stay, do more, be around for the Diocesan conference in November and remain part of the extraordinary story of what God is doing in the Church of England in Lancashire in the ongoing implementation of Vision 2026. However, my plan all along has been to ensure the Vision is not tied too tightly to me as a person and is owned by the diocese. I don’t need to be present to see it continue. We have an amazing team who are more than able to carry on the next phase of the work.”

Please pray for Bishop Julian, his wife Heather, and all those working hard to prayerfully discern the next Bishop of Blackburn.

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